Book Recommendations
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Positive Discipline

Jane Nelsen, Cheryl Erwin, Roslyn Ann Duffy

The Positive Discipline books are one of my absolute favourite reads.

From birth through to the teen years, the advice in these books is a real game changer. There are so many expert tools for teachers & parents towards nurturing positive behaviours, life skills and emotional wellbeing in children. The theory behind these books and the way in which they are written, encourages you to reflect on yourself and your own approach and ask yourself crucial questions in order for you to ensure your purpose and actions are in alignment.

I was lucky enough to train with the author Jane Nelsen, over 3 days & can honestly say those 3 days changed my life!

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Positive Discipline in the Classroom

Jane Nelsen, Lynn Lott, Stephen Glenn

This book shares a range of tips on nurturing mutual respect, co-operation, responsibility and many life skills. The approach helps to create deep connections and an environment within which children thrive.


The MINDUP Curriculum

The Hawn Foundation

'MINDUP Curriculum' includes researched based lesson ideas focussed on the brain towards supporting children's behaviour & learning, along with strategies to help develop resilience & a positive mindset 

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Jared's Cool-Out Space

Jane Nelsen, Ashlee Wilkin

This is a magical book by the wonderful Dr. Jane Nelsen. The story introduces you to a little boy called Jared who’s had a bad day at school. You then go on a journey with Jared and his emotions & how he tries to work through them with the support of his mum and the empowering idea of a ‘Cool Out Space’. 

The descriptions and illustrations in this book bring Jared’s story further to life. The children who I have read this book with absolutely love it! 

It’s a really great way of introducing and prompting discussions on the concepts of feelings, taking responsibility for our behaviour and taking time to calm down, in fun and child friendly language. 

I highly recommend it!


Teaching Happiness and Well-Being in Schools

Ian Morris

A fantastic, deeply thought provoking and inspirational read. So much insight into the world of nurturing wellbeing and happiness in children.

The range of topics and research covered in this book, offers huge amounts of support to teachers looking to add to the richness of the support they can offer their students. It covers the crucial areas of social and emotional development, resilience training, self-esteem, mindsets, to name a few.

A hugely worthwhile read!


Teenagers - a natural history

David Bainbridge

A really good read for anyone who wants to know more about the fascinating world of teenagers. Whether you're a parent, teacher, teenager yourself, or just keen to better understand all the changes & experiences we go through during our teenage years. An incredible period of transformation and growth

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Growing Yourself Back Up

John Lee

Do you expect your children to control their behaviour, but on reflection are not always able to control your own? In this book John Lee explores emotional regression - the triggers that cause us to experience feelings that result in us seemingly losing control & how they are directly linked to our childhood experiences

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The Whole Brain Child

Daniel J. Siegel, M.D. & Tina PYNE Bryson, PH.D.

This book shares easy to follow insight into how the different parts of the brain develop & work. It highlights how important it is to be aware of:
*The individual jobs of the left & right side, & the upstairs & downstairs areas of the brain.
*How brain development effects the choices we make at different stages of life.
*How circumstances can effect our ability to access the rational thinking part of our brain when we’ve ‘flipped our lid’, & why we should take time to calm down in order to think more clearly.

One of my favourite parts of the book, is the discussion about different kinds of tantrums & effective ways to respond. This is something I know many parents struggle with. The perspective shared on tantrums in this book, helps you to look at them with new eyes & feel more equipped in dealing with them.
I also found the part about how we develop memories really interesting.

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The Gifts of Imperfect Parenting

Brené Brown, PH.D. LMSW

In this book, Dr. Brené Brown draws upon her many years of research on vulnerability, courage, worthiness and shame. She presents10 guideposts to nurture “wholehearted" families, where each of us can continually learn and grow as we reach our full potential. Below are some of the main subjects explored:

- How to cultivate worthiness in families and raise children with courage, connection & compassion.
- The power of vulnerability - the key to true connection.
- The importance of engaging in creativity and play as a family.

This book is a joy to read! Brené shares many of her own experiences of being a mum and the pressures of high social expectations placed upon us, delivered in her witty, endearing and truly authentic style.