I offer private coaching to parents who would like one to one support. Private coaching is individualised to meet you and your children’s needs. During the sessions you will gain a deeper insight into different methods and techniques that can be adapted and implemented to help you connect with your children in a way that will bring about positive long term benefits to you and your family.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to arrange your free initial consultation and to discover how to support and unlock your child’s true happiness and unique potential

Overview of Coaching Sessions

Free Initial consultation - 45 minutes

Observations (where necessary) - 90 minutes or 1 hour

First Coaching Session - 90 minutes

This includes a tailored Strategy and Support Plan (SSP) prepared by myself in advance of the session, a 90 minute one to one session and my support outside of  sessions. You can email me with your questions or regarding any issues and I will provide answers whenever needed.

The SSP can be shared with your child's school, so that they too can incorporate strategies and an approach that provides consistency.

 Breakdown of first session:

  • Feedback from initial consultation and observations

  • Overview of your tailored Strategy and Support Plan (SSP) based on information gathered up to this point

  • Coaching in strategies for you to implement  

  • Time for you to share a recent scenario, how it was dealt with and the outcome. This will be followed by my advice and strategies towards supporting the incident raised, for you to apply going forward. This is an opportunity to provide consistency in line with your SPP and techniques you will be trialling; and to gain a deeper understanding of the POPP&T approach based on a real life scenario you have faced or are continually tackling.  

Follow up Coaching Sessions - 1 hour or 90 minutes

Breakdown of sessions:

  • Review – Parents to give overview of events during period between now and previous session. Implementation of strategies and outcomes.

  • Reflect – Understanding of strategies and effectiveness

  • My feedback on implementation and understanding of strategies and where necessary suggested changes or additional techniques, to ensure consistency and alignment with goals and intentions

  • Recent issues or incidents faced and how it was dealt with and the outcome. Reflection of strategies used and their consistency with SSP and POPP&T approach

Private Coaching for Parents