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Support For Parents


• Feeling overwhelmed by the responsibility of parenting and how to juggle it effectively, alongside other areas of their lives and still ensure their own needs are met (without feeling guilty).

• Struggling to find authentic support that they have faith in and time to fully engage and embed it into their lifestyle. Parents are often left feeling that they lack insight into effective methods that nurture positive and healthy behaviours, wellbeing and life skills, with long term results, OR, feel overwhelmed by the amount of different advice out there.

• Impact from own childhoods. Our own childhood experiences play a huge part in the adult we become. Therefore, looking into our own belief systems, mindsets, behaviours and what we’re modelling to our children is crucial. Research has come a long way, we are now more aware than ever of the implications of the early years of our lives.

• Society today has greatly changed from when we were children and is continuing to do so at a very fast pace. Acknowledging this and trying to create a balance between being aware, embracing and enforcing healthy boundaries is essential.



• The most important relationship children have, is the first one with their main carer/s, it shapes so much of the future adult they become.

• The health and happiness of the parent has a huge impact on the child.

• Parents often feel guilty for taking time for themselves and feel it is a luxury they can’t afford, when in fact it is a crucial part of their overall wellbeing. When a parents cup is full, they not only feel more energised and balanced, but they are able to be the kind of parent and role model they wish to be.

• Many adults take on extremes within their role as a parent, for example, they believe it is their job to control their children's behaviour and focus on strictness and excessive control. Or alternatively, parents maybe scared to upset their child and fear they wont love them as much if they enforce boundaries and limit choices offered. Parenting in these ways can be very stressful and frequently full of 'quick fixes', such as punishment or giving in to tantrums with treats etc. In reality though both of these approaches can be detrimental to a child's long term development. A balance between kindness, respect and firmness, is what is needed in order to provide children with experiences, opportunities and relationships from which they can grow with life long benefits.

• The attachment patterns we develop as children and carry into adulthood, impact upon how we learn to form relationships and navigate the world.

• It is important to be aware of the subconscious messages we give out to children and to take time for self-reflection. What we model, our own beliefs, behaviours, mind-sets, level of self-care, self-esteem etc. has a more powerful effect on children than what we say.


• Becoming a parent of school age children often ‘pushes many buttons’ for adults who have unresolved issues from their own childhoods and experiences at school. This can impact upon how they support their own child to manage at school. Awareness of self, insight and resolution into these issues encourages more connected parenting.

• Many adults who seek therapy are suffering from a deep belief that they are not good enough, that they are different and/or that feeling calm and balanced is not available to them in their life. These beliefs have been developed since early childhood.





• Workshops starting from 1 hour long – with effective techniques you can take away NOW and start seeing the results through the consistency.

• Step by step ongoing guidance through workshops, delivering different areas and levels of insight and techniques, creating a rounded package enabling you to meet the holistic needs of your parents.

POPP&T POWER Workshops for children delivered by Lauren Colvin, for  Reception & KS1 (children aged 4-7). Empowering, fun, interactive, workshops for children and parents to attend together. Focussed on supporting the learning and development of children in the areas of, personal, social and emotional development, communication, problem solving and life skills. Parents and children can takeaway concrete ideas and resources after each workshop, that they can embed within their homes to support their family life.

• Specialist support from RTT therapist Sarah Tulloch, a technique developed by Marisa Peer who was voted Britain's best therapist for adults and children. Sarah has an understanding of how the mind works and how to manage it effectively. Through emphasising on relaxation, mind rest, cognitive techniques and personalised coaching strategies, adults and children are able to understand the link between their feelings and behaviour and how to manage them successfully.


Individual coaching and therapeutic sessions are available for the following:

• Adults: confidence, overwhelm, stress, anxiety, fears and phobias, sleep issues, issues with food, behavioural difficulties, childhood issues, relationship issues. (sessions last for 1.5 hr)

• Sessions with adults include deep relaxation, assessment of root cause of an issue, treatment of the issue through CBT, NLP techniques within a psychodynamic perspective, supportive recordings and coaching.

Each session is tailored to fit the individual. Clients often require a maximum of 3 sessions.




• Parents feel supported and connected, through learning the same philosophies and techniques as the teachers and children. This helps to provide the children with high levels of consistency and strengthens the relationships between parents and teachers.

• Parents are given insight into a wide range of areas that helps to build their awareness, confidence and trust in their approaches to parenting.

• Parents stress levels and feelings of overwhelm are reduced through the carefully crafted support, techniques and guidance that we share.

• Personal issues or areas of concern can be catered for and supported.

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