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Support For Teachers


• Feeling overwhelmed, stressed and ineffectively equipped and supported, to manage and fulfil the expectations now placed on schools around nurturing emotional, mental and social wellbeing in children.

• Lack of consistent techniques across whole school bodies that teachers can feel confident in, that nurture positive behaviours, mindsets and wellbeing with long term results.

• Teachers own wellbeing and talents not being prioritised, due to increasingly high demands and expectations in other areas of the educational system.



• The health and happiness of the teacher is fundamentally important and has a direct impact on the children’s experience and receptivity.

• Teachers need support, guidance and resources to take the pressure off them and help them to feel empowered and confident.

• Many schools / teachers feel so time pressured with the high academic expectations placed upon them, that it leaves very little opportunity to focus on techniques to support the development of positive behaviours and well-being in children. They can often take on extremes within their school approach or role as a teacher, for example, they believe it is their job to control the children's behaviour and focus on strictness and excessive control. Or alternatively, may frequently overlook certain behavioural issues, due to not feeling equipped in how best to manage or support a situation and too scarce of time to reach out and organise support from the broader school body. Both of these approaches can be very stressful and frequently full of 'quick fixes', such as punishment, or giving into / not attending to behaviour of concern. In reality though, both of these approaches can be detrimental to a child's long term development. A balance between kindness, respect and firmness, is what is needed in order to provide children with experiences, opportunities and relationships from which they can grow with life long benefits. Teachers need to feel empowered, confident and fully prepared, with a tool box full of things they can draw upon to support the behaviour and well-being of the children under their care. 

• There are huge benefits in the whole school offering a unified approach, supporting each other and the children effectively (not contradicting) and in parents applying the same approach at home.  Consistency is the key!


• An introductory workshop, giving an overview of the support we can provide towards helping teachers to overcome some of these fundamental challenges they are experiencing. Sharing insight and tools teachers can take away and implement straight away.

• A selection of inspiring workshops and interactive programmes for you to choose from, providing expertise and support across specific areas. We aim to take the pressure off you and your staff, by catering for your unique needs. The content and delivery of our innovative and inspiring workshops, help staff to feel uplifted and safe to step out of their comfort zones, so that they can experience personal growth and development and feel confident to implement game changing ideas in the classroom.

• We provide workshops for parents too, so you can have consistency at school and home.

POPP&T POWER Workshops for children delivered by Lauren Colvin, for  Reception & KS1 (children aged 4-7). Empowering, fun, interactive, workshops from Early Years upwards. The workshops can be embedded within your school across each year group. Focussed on supporting the curriculum and learning and development of children predominantly in the areas of, PSED, PSHE, Communication and Language, problem solving and life skills. These workshops are not only deeply nurturing for children, but help teachers to feel supported across these areas, as they practically engage in and learn from the workshops across the year. In this way the school is supporting the wellbeing and CPD of staff also.

Bespoke workshops - tailored to suit your individual needs and areas you would like to focus on. For example, 'School Values', 'Exam Pressure', Mind Management', or other areas for development. 

• Specialist support from RTT therapist Sarah Tulloch, a technique developed by Marisa Peer who was voted Britain's best therapist for adults and children. Sarah has an understanding of how the mind works and how to manage it effectively. Through emphasising on relaxation, mind rest, cognitive techniques and personalised coaching strategies, adults and children are able to understand the link between their feelings and behaviour and how to manage them successfully.


Individual coaching and therapeutic sessions are available for the following:

• Adults: confidence, overwhelm, stress, anxiety, fears and phobias, sleep issues, issues with food, behavioural difficulties, childhood issues, relationship issues. (sessions last for 1.5 hr)

• Sessions with adults include deep relaxation, assessment of root cause of an issue, treatment of the issue through CBT, NLP techniques within a psychodynamic perspective, supportive recordings and coaching.

Each session is tailored to fit the individual. Clients often require a maximum of 3 sessions.




• Our approaches have long term positive outcomes, they nurture emotional wellbeing, healthy behaviours, self-esteem, resilience, life skills, values and virtues, that we all wish for ourselves and our children to develop in life in order to thrive.

• The whole school and parents benefit, through creating harmonious, connected, respectful environments and relationships, that ultimately have a positive impact on the learning and development of the children.

• Teachers stress levels and feelings of overwhelm are reduced through the carefully crafted support, techniques and guidance that we share.

• Teachers are provided with inspiring CPD opportunities and interactive workshops, equipping them with new tools that help them to feel supported and that their well-being and personal growth is a priority.

• Personal issues or areas of concern can be catered for and specific needs met.

• Strengthening relationships between parents and teachers.

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