About POPP&T

There is much research to show the importance of early child development. The emotional, social and physical development during these early years is crucial and forms the blue print of the future adult your child will one day become. The impact of these years therefore lasts a lifetime. That is why understanding the need to invest in, and give children the best start in life is so important to their future well-being and happiness.

During 7 years of dedicated research and trialling of modern methods, I have developed a programme for care givers, that draws upon the Positive Discipline approach, created by the wonderful Dr. Jane Nelsen, along with insight, techniques and practices, based on cutting-edge research into human behaviour, psychology and brain science. I believe the research this work is built upon and the results it nurtures, to be the most effective and empowering of our time.


The workshops I deliver for adults and children teach tools and  techniques that support and maximise the development of positive behaviour, self-esteem and life skills. The approach that I advocate within my workshops and private coaching sessions, empowers children and helps parents and teachers get into their children's worlds and lay the groundwork for developing rewarding and respectful relationships. They offer you everything you need to strengthen the connection between you and your child, effectively communicate and solve problems together and nurture life skills and characteristics that we all wish for our children to achieve in life. Through this awareness, you can feel confident and trust that your actions are helping to set your child up for lifelong success.

My Mission is to connect with and support parents and teachers towards developing faith and confidence, that they are supporting themselves and their children to achieve and flourish. Through sharing invaluable and transformational insight, my hope is that children can grow and develop feeling empowered, resilient and confident to pursue their true potential. All of the advice and techniques that I share, stay true to aligning with this mission and My Core Values of authenticity, commitment, passion and consistency in my interactions and approach. My Vision is for children be provided with experiences and relationships that fulfil their needs and nurture self-love, self-belief and self-esteem. Through this start in life, my wish is that children will grow up with a deep sense of connection, belonging and purpose, feel accepted for who they are, develop the confidence to dream big, live authentically and creatively pursue their unique, gifts, passions and goals. My aim is to support children to grow up feeling whole, so that they become adults who are able to take care of their own needs successfully, support the needs of others and contribute constructively to the world around them. Providing children with the best possible start possible in life lasts a life time and paves the way for joyful, meaningful and thriving lives.

About me 

For the past 7 years I have dedicated myself to becoming an expert in understanding the world of children. During my time as a teacher, I have become acutely aware of the connection between how a child’s self-beliefs, along with their ability to understand and articulate their feelings, impacts on their behaviour. This in turn affects everything around them and, crucially, their learning and development.

Lauren Colvin POPP&T