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Empowering Children


POPP&T POWER is when children recognise the beauty of their uniqueness & the individual gifts & talents they bring to the world. It’s when children feel empowered to be their authentic self, embrace their feelings, learn from their choices & dare to live bravely. Unleashing a child’s poppet power, helps them to realise their value & how capable they are, it frees them to be their true self, DREAM BIG & live the best life available to them.

POPP&T POWER Workshops

Fun, interactive workshops from Early Years upwards. Empowering children, through supporting their social and emotional development and helping them to develop life skills.

These sessions can be embedded within your school across each year group. They are focussed on supporting the curriculum and learning and development of children predominantly in the areas of, PSED, PSHE, Communication and Language, problem solving and life skills.


The workshops can be implemented during your daily timetable in the classroom to help enrich your curriculum. Not only are these lessons deeply nurturing for children, but they help teachers to feel supported across these areas, as they practically engage in and learn from the workshops across the year. In this way the school is supporting the wellbeing and CPD of staff also.

Alternatively, the workshops can be delivered outside of normal timetabled hours for children and parents to attend together. The focus of these workshops can be adapted to both home and school. Parents and children can takeaway concrete ideas and resources after each workshop, that they can embed within their homes to support their family life.

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Creative and engaging activity-based lessons / workshops, each focussed on a different theme

(1 – 2 hours long)



Boundary Trailblazers understand what boundaries are and the importance of them throughout life. They know that boundaries help to keep us safe, healthy and happy. Boundary Trailblazers are not only aware of the need for having limits and rules in our environments, but also realise the crucial role personal boundaries play in our lives.

Content: Reading children's 'Learning to Get Along' book about rules and introducing the term 'boundaries'. Brainstorming ideas around what boundaries need to be in place to keep the classroom / home environment, safe, happy and respectful. Letting the children choose their favourites and making a ‘Boundary Power’ display. Taking photographs of the children demonstrating their chosen rules/boundaries and printing them out to add visuals to their display.


Solution Super-Seekers see problems, set-backs and mistakes as valuable opportunities for learning. They believe in themselves and their ability to find solutions in order to work through issues and successfully achieve their goals. The other powerful thing about Solution Super-Seekers is that they invite challenges, they feel good when they’re working hard on something, as they know this is where growth and progress takes place. When Solution Super-Seekers don’t achieve what they set out to, they learn from the situation and look for ways to move forward with this new awareness to assist them. They adapt their plans and find new and creative pathways to reach their goals.

Content: Introducing 'The Hub' where different issues children are facing can be added throughout the week. Introducing 'Solution Super-Seeker Meetings' - starting with compliments & appreciations (gratitude practice that creates an open-minded atmosphere of appreciation and co-operation), then moving onto finding solutions to problems that have been added to 'The Hub'. For the first meeting the children will be given a problem to help try and solve together.


POPPET POWER Choice Warriors learn the life skill of pausing to explore the options available to them when faced with difficult situations. They become more aware and confident in making different choices in order to solve problems and achieve their goals. They also become equipped in reflecting on their actions and outcomes, so that they can decide if their choices where successful, or if they would choose differently next time.

Content: Brainstorming different options we can choose from that enable us to find solutions to difficult experiences successfully. Choosing our favourite options from the list and using them to make and decorate a ‘Choice Warrior Wheel’ to display in the classroom / home, that can be used throughout the year as a problem solving tool.

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Calm Troopers have tools that they can draw upon which help them to reach a calmer state of mind when they are feeling emotionally charged. They understand that when we are not feeling calm we are not able to access the rational thinking part of the brain which helps us to make good choices. Instead of letting their feelings get the better of them when they’re upset, angry or have completely ‘flipped their lid’, Calm Troopers learn to control their behaviour instead of their emotions controlling it for them. This empowering ability helps children to take care of themselves and their mind and make choices with more successful outcomes

Content: Reading ‘Jared’s Cool Out Space’, introducing children to the idea of a 'Cool Out Space', learning about different emotions, how they are all acceptable, but the way we might sometimes act because of our feelings is not always ok. Learning about the brain through ‘Flipping our lid’ demonstration. Talking about ways to work through difficult feelings, in order to calm down (access rational thinking part of brain), feel better and make good choices. Brainstorming ideas with children about what they would like their Cool Out Space to look like. Making a Cool out Space in class. 



This workshops is focused on helping children to feel capable and valued through their ability to contribute and have responsibilities. Children love having responsibilities, it helps them to know you have faith in them! 

Also looking beyond the classroom and home, out into the wider community and how we can contribute along with our responsibility to the planet. For example, recycling, turning lights out, tidying up after ourselves, not dropping litter, caring for plants and animals, doing kind things for others and volunteering to help where we can.

Focussing on the needs of others and how we can contribute, has been proven through research to lift moods, combat depression and give children a deeper sense of purpose. This workshop also introduces children to our interconnectedness and encourages them to think of others and the world around.

Content: Brainstorming all of the different classroom jobs and choosing individual responsibilities. Making a class job list and decorating it together. Taking photos of children doing their jobs to add to the display. 


Feeling Finders workshop is focussed on helping children to better understand their own and other people’s feelings. The children are encouraged to lean into their emotions and pay attention to what they are feeling in their body, their thoughts and the events that caused them. Through becoming more aware of the range of feelings they experience each day, children become equipped in articulating and taking care of their emotions. Through this practice children are able to recognise and connect with the feelings of others and offer empathy and support.

Content: Talking about different feelings through visuals of children expressing a range of emotions. Encouraging children to share times they have experienced some of the emotions in the images and what caused them. Expression exercise, involving the children making faces conveying different feelings, taking photos and printing them out to create a ‘Feelings Finder’ visual for the classroom / home. The children can refer to the 'Feeling Finder' visual throughout the year, to help them to identify and articulate their feelings effectively.


Rainbow rescuers are not only able to recognise a wide range of emotions, but they learn how feelings are not permanent and how they are constantly changing. They develop the understanding that their feelings and thoughts are connected and how they can change their thoughts to help move through difficult feelings. They also become equipped with the life skill of learning how to take care of themselves when experiencing times of upset and distress and techniques towards helping themselves to calm down, feel better and access the rational thinking part of their brain. 

Content: Discussing what our favourite feelings are, what causes them, what they feel like in our body, what feelings we don’t enjoy, what might cause them? Paying attention to our thoughts and self-talk. Sharing things we can do to make us feel better when we are feeling upset, angry, scared, etc. Making a ‘Rainbow Rescuer’ of choices to choose from when experiencing difficult emotions.



Pre-Requisite: This workshop must be done after Boundary Trailblazers and Contributing Heroes.

Addressing self talk, how we think and talk to ourselves in our minds, exploring being kind to our minds, creating positive self-talk and beliefs. In order to think about ourselves as a kind person we need to act as one and these beliefs will naturally follow. Looking at the link between compassion and empathy and having healthy boundaries.

This is a powerful workshop, helping children to realise the power of their actions, how they talk to themselves and their beliefs about themselves, whilst reinforcing the importance of boundaries. 

Creating positive beliefs about the self and showing self-compassion, is a vital component towards children developing self-esteem and resilience.

Content: Looking at a fun children's story that promotes 'Growth Mindset' and positive self-talk. Exploring a scenario which demonstrates the importance of boundaries. Discussing different phrases that would be good to repeat to ourselves. Coming up with ideas towards a weekly 'Kind Mighty Minds Time', where children can share and celebrate what they have been doing for others, or what others have done to help them