From our first meeting with Lauren, we knew that her philosophy was truly aligned with that of our own. Therefore, it came as no surprise that from those initial discussions, she prepared and presented to our parents a superb workshop, focusing on the core values and beliefs that we all want our children to have. The evening was a great success, warmly received by our parent body. One comment read: ‘I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that I thought the positive parent evening was fantastic.  I am a counsellor and so often see the consequences in adults of not receiving all/some of the things Lauren spoke about.  I found it absolutely inspiring and fascinating. It’s great you found her and gave parents the opportunity to learn. She certainly is giving all the right messages.’

David Williams - Deputy Head

Surbiton Girls Preparatory School

Whilst working as our Head of Early Years, Lauren implemented positive discipline methodology across the school. This child-led approach empowers the children to take responsibility and ownership of their actions and the consequences.  Through staff training, parent workshops and by modelling best practice Lauren inspired progressive change from Nursery to Year 6. Her depth of understanding and passion in this area make her an incredibly engaging leader. She instils confidence in families and educators alike, such that they are both motivated and enabled to make a significant difference to children’s lives.

Anna Guerin - Deputy Head

St Nicholas Preparatory School

I met Lauren when she presented at a speaking engagement at the Corinthia Hotel in London on 23rd September. Lauren's presentation was very impressive. She clearly is an expert in positive parenting and dealing with children's behaviour. Her passion and commitment for the wellbeing of the children she works with is admirable and leaves no doubt.

I saw Lauren's presentation and we also had a 5 minute chat and I came away with a multitude of tips and advice to try out on my own children, 3.5 year old girl, and 12 month old girl. I have tried out these techniques for the last 3 days and already have made great progress.

Having children is very challenging no matter what. We play integral parts in our children's lives and everything they experience makes them the adult they grow into with age. Our older daughter is extremely bright and very sensitive and this brings its challenges. We have been feeing a little lost lately as she has been having very bad tantrums. Having watched Lauren's presentation and after a short conversation with her we have implemented some changes and the results have been fantastic.

We are very keen to seek formal help from Lauren in the form of her coaching program. My husband and I are very excited and hopeful about the outcome of this. I know it is going to change our family life for the better in many ways so we can enjoy nurturing our children in such a way that they live their most happy and secure lives. So, thank you Lauren for your help so far and we look forward to our journey with you....wherever that takes us!

Susan Waring - Parent

Our Early Years and KS1 Department decided to adopt Lauren's positive behaviour approach following her engaging presentation at the Cognita Schools Group, Early Years Conference. We decided to follow this research based approach as it was much more child centred than our existing behaviour policy.  

It underpinned some key principals which we wanted to embed, such as independent and successful learner skills. The class meetings and job responsibilities have created a real sense of community and the parents have commented on how well their children are now trying to resolve problems more independently, without adult intervention.

Nicola Masters - Assistant Head, Head of Early Years

Akeley Wood Junior School

During the last couple of years Lauren delivered a series of workshops focusing on positive discipline. The workshops were attended by Montessori teachers in our centre in central London and were well received. The teachers appreciated the practical aspect of the course which explored a range of tools to encourage positive behaviour. The strategies used are very much in line with the Montessori approach, they are built on respect of the child whilst modelling consistent and polite communication skills and promoting children’s capacity for self-regulation.


Barbara Isaacs - Chief Education Officer

Montessori Centre International

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