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Power of Positive Parenting & Teaching

Lauren Colvin is an expert in the area of nurturing positive behaviours and emotional wellbeing in children. She is the founder of POPP&T ‘Ask the Expert’ columnist for the Montessori International Magazine, and Parenting columnist for About Thames Ditton magazine.

For the past 7 years, Lauren has worked in in schools across London, most recently as Head of Early Years at St Nicholas Preparatory School in Kensington. During her time as a teacher, Lauren became acutely aware of the connection between how a child’s self-beliefs, along with their ability to understand and articulate their feelings, impacts on their behaviour. This in turn affects everything around them and, crucially, their learning and development.

Lauren began researching and trialling modern methods and cutting-edge techniques, focussed on supporting children in the areas of social and emotional development. Over time, she was able to see first-hand the incredible impact these methods had on the children under her care.

During her time as Head of Early Years and implementing these behavioural approaches, Lauren’s school went through both an SIS School Inspection (21 – 23 March 2017) and Montessori Re-Accreditation (10 May 2016). Their Early Years provision achieved the judgement of Outstanding from SIS and successfully achieved the MEAB accreditation. Their focus on the children’s emotional wellbeing and nurturing of positive behaviour, was sighted as a major factor towards these achievements.


Based on these hugely successful outcomes, Lauren has created a programme for caregivers that helps to guide parents and teachers in how to empower their children to flourish and reach their true potential. The approach Lauren advocates within her workshops and private coaching sessions, helps parents and teachers get into their children's worlds and lays the groundwork for developing rewarding and respectful relationships. They offer you everything you need to strengthen the connection between you and your child, effectively communicate and solve problems together, nurture life skills, values and characteristics that we all wish for our children to achieve in life. Through this awareness, you can feel confident and trust that your actions are helping to set your child up for lifelong success.


Sarah Tulloch

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Sarah Tulloch is a Transformational therapist and coach, with a long term background in Social Work with children, working with a range of therapeutic and coaching techniques, most notably RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy), which is currently being used within a growing number of schools to support children and young people in mind management techniques, confidence and resilience. RTT was developed by Marisa Peer and has been an incredibly successful therapy worldwide. Sarah’s specialism is anxiety in both children and adults.

Sarah has an understanding of how the mind works and how to manage it effectively. Through emphasising on relaxation, mind rest, cognitive techniques and personalised coaching strategies, adults and children are able to understand the link between their feelings and behaviour and how to manage them successfully.


Sarah works with individuals who are experiencing blocks within their life, or repetitive patterns of negative behaviour which are not supporting them to live the life they want and to parent in the way they want. Many parents work with Sarah following struggles with anxiety, stress and overwhelm, holding the fear that this will impact upon their children and the fear that it is impacting upon their parenting.

Sarah works with children aged from 4 years old, up to older teenagers. Young children, are so open to learning and understanding about the ‘rules of the mind’ learning techniques about how to manage their own minds to feel better and achieve better. Older children and teenagers go to Sarah for issues related to anxiety, stress and confidence, support with learning, trauma, friendship and relationship issues and body image. It is common for Sarah to start treating one member of the family and to eventually treat both the parents and children.

Sarah has a background as a Senior Social Worker for Westminster city Council and Surrey county Council for 14 years across a range of issues with children and adults. During this time she also developed a number of complementary techniques, in particular Theraplay, which she can share with parents who are looking for ways to connect with their children.  

Sarah holds a certificate in Coaching, a certificate in Hypnotherapy, a certificate in Rapid Transformational Therapy and an MSC in Specialist Social Work. She chooses solution focused, rapid, yet nurturing techniques to move children and adults on from their challenge in a time limited way.