Workshops for Businesses

My workshops are focussed on supporting the holistic well-being of your staff, predominantly in their role as parents. 

They help parents to overcome anxieties and feelings of overwhelm and develop faith and confidence, that they are supporting themselves and their children to achieve and flourish. This is achieved through providing transformational insight, tools and methods, that support their children’s social and emotional development and help parents to align their actions with their values and intentions.

They teach practices for self-care and nurture self-esteem, resilience, flexible minds and positive behaviours, that help individuals to navigate challenges with greater success.

The wellbeing of your employees is paramount. Helping staff to feel valued and supported, not only nurtures their overall wellbeing, but helps to boost morale and productivity in an environment where employees feel prioritised and happy to come to work.

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Workshop Content  

1 – 1.5 hour workshop

Aim: Gain an insight into an approach that nurtures both your own and your children’s emotional wellbeing, strengthens relationships and helps set your children up for life long happiness & success. Take away tools that support the development of effective communication, decision making, problem solving, resilience & self-esteem.  



  • Recognising the characteristics and values you want your children to develop in life and how to nurture them

  • Helping children to develop a sense of connection, belonging and significance

  • How to strengthen your relationships & the positive impact this has on behaviour and cooperation

  • Nurturing self-esteem, resilience and a growth mind-set

  • Supporting children towards developing positive beliefs about themselves & belief in their own capabilities 

  • How to achieve a kind AND firm approach – a perfect balance that promises positive outcomes

  • Setting clear and consistent boundaries

  • The power of choice – limited choices and the ability to make well thought through decisions 

  • Feelings – validating, understanding and working through them

  • Developing problem solving and communication skills with successful outcomes