Workshops for Schools
  • Free initial consultation 

  • Content adapted to the age range of the children within your setting, from Early Years upwards

  • Workshops available for both teachers and parents - adapting the same approach, to either the classroom or home (consistency is the key)

  • Variety of length workshops available - minimum 1hour

  • Bespoke workshops - content and duration tailored to suit your needs, for example focussed on school values, or a specific area of development

  • POPP&T POWER workshops for children - fun, interactive workshops from Early Years upwards. Empowering children to reach their true potential, through supporting their social, emotional and physical development and nurturing life skills. Click below to find out more. 

Why invest in my workshops?

During my time working as Head of Early Years at St Nicholas Preparatory School, we went through both an SIS School Inspection (21 – 23 March 2017) and Montessori Re-Accreditation (10 May 2016). Our Early Years provision achieved the judgement of Outstanding in the written inspection report from SIS and successfully achieved the MEAB accreditation. Our focus on the children’s emotional wellbeing and nurturing of positive behaviour, was sighted as a major factor towards these achievements.

“Personal development, behaviour and welfare are excellent. The children develop self-confidence and independence. Behaviour and conduct form the basis of much of the early years work and there are clear and well understood strategies for promoting this effectively.”

School Inspection Service report for St Nicholas Preparatory School, 21-23 March 2017, DfE No:213/6390

 If you want your children’s wellbeing to be at the centre of your school and to give your staff and parents the help and tools they need to support your children successfully, then please get in touch via email or phone with your questions, or to arrange a free introductory consultation.               








Example Workshop Packages  

1 – 1.5 hour workshop

Aim: Gain an insight into an approach that nurtures both your own and your children’s emotional wellbeing, strengthens relationships and helps set your children up for life long happiness & success. Take away tools that support the development of effective communication, decision making, problem solving, resilience & self-esteem.  


Workshop content available to choose from:

1. Helping children to develop a sense of connection, belonging and significance and the impact this has on all areas of development

2. How to achieve and stick to clear and consistent boundaries, also looking at setting healthy boundaries as a crucial life skills

3. How to strengthen your relationships & the positive impact this has on behaviour and cooperation

4. Nurturing self-esteem, resilience and a growth mind-set (supporting children towards developing positive beliefs about themselves & belief in their own capabilities) 

5. How to achieve a kind AND firm approach – a perfect balance that promises positive outcomes

6. The power of choice – creating opportunities for children to make choices and develop the ability to make well thought through decisions (also helping to develop gratitude practices, problem solving and communication skills) 

7. Nurturing emotional awareness and intelligence (validating and understanding ALL feelings, techniques that support children to work through difficult emotions effectively and reach a calmer state of mind, understanding the brain and supporting the development of empathy and compassion)

8. Embedding techniques and activities that invite and nurture responsibility, contribution, independence, sense of worth and feeling capable. Focussing on the needs of others and how we can contribute, has been proven through research to lift moods, combat depression and give children a deeper sense of purpose.

9. The crucial role of 'play' and 'nature' in child development through to adulthood. The link between children's media / screen time habits and the rapid decline in time spent outside, engaged in play and the impact this is having on children's mental and physical health. 

If you would like to find out more about my workshops, please contact me via email or phone with your questions, or to arrange a free initial consultation.